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Managing a team is a big responsibility. It is your job to set the tone, chart the course and move the team in the direction that will lead your team to success. Your team members are looking to you for direction.

Even the most successful teams have conflicts. Differing opinions about what to do, what to prioritize and how to get the work done. The leader wants the team to work together for the benefit of the business; the team members want to work on whatever benefits them as an individual. Personal priorities conflict with team priorities.

In the Manager Launch Kit you will discover how to construct the groundwork for a healthy team environment. You will see how small actions that encourage collaboration will lead to huge dividends.


A 30 day step-by-step guide to building an effective team

Over time leaders can find themselves in a rut. Your momentum has slowed and the team is doing little more than going through the motions.

Don’t get me wrong, you and the team are still churning out results. Yet, just under the surface, you know everyone could be doing more. The proverbial flywheel could use a bit more oomph to move the team forward faster. Use the Manager Launch Kit to reinforce the foundations of the team and build a strong culture.

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