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Are you a new manager without a clear idea of where to begin? Are you nervous that you won't be respected? Do you feel you can't be liked without being a pushover? Discover how to set a productive team atmosphere starting on day one. Lead your team with clarity. This guide will give you day-by-day action steps to have a successful launch as a manager.

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Welcome to Manager Launch Pad! Here you will find resources to help you be a more effective leader. Discover how you can create a healthy team culture.

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Managing a team is a big responsibility. Your team members are looking to you for leadership. At Manager Launch Pad you will find resources and tips that you can apply to your team.

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Bring clarity and focus to your team with actionable steps you can take every day. Discover how to create a healthy team culture. Get your free 30 day Manager Launch Kit now.

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4 Tips For Young Leaders

As a young manager I had a lot of leadership doubts. Some doubts were self-inflicted, others brought on by my team members. As expected, that did not create a solid foundation of leadership. If I could go back and give myself some tips as a young leader, this is where I would start. This article was originally

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4 Steps to Overcoming Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life. Unfortunately for many people mistakes can cause fear and decision-paralysis. You can see how to overcome these feelings of defeat and turn mistakes into opportunities for growth in my article 4 Steps to Overcoming Mistakes.   This post was originally published on my friend Joe Lalonde’s site. Please visit

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3 Ways to Beat Failure

This post was originally published at My greatest thanks to their team. What does that “sinking feeling” have to do with the “butterflies in your stomach”? These are usually accompanied by sweaty palms and pits, clammy skin and being “flush.” I get these feelings moments before the rollercoaster takes off. And moments before I

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